Adi Chhabra




Lead UX in delivery of My Vodafone app for brand aligned design systems across 22 markets and 460 million customers.
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  1. UX Lead
  2. Visual Design input
  3. SiteMap
  4. Userflows
  5. User testing
  6. Usability research


SocialBase provides a unique card to show all your social networks at one place. This card can be embedded anywhere including, linkedin, webpage, blog, tumblr, medium, facebook, twitter, email, app, etc.
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  1. Product strategy
  2. Product managament
  3. UX
  4. Visual design
  5. Interaction design
  6. Front-end development
  7. Digital marketing


Flipper helps people follow a brand, celebrity or influencer instantly everywhere - Twitter, Facebook pages, Instagram, Vine and YouTube, with a single tap.
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  1. Product strategy
  2. Product management
  3. UX
  4. User research & product validation
  5. Visual design
  6. Marketing strategy


A single platform where businesses, brands and consumers can create, embed or share polls or surveys and gather opinions instantly, anywhere and on any device - mobile, tablet or desktop
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  1. Founded the company in 2014
  2. Grew by 237 SMB customers
  3. Sold the technology in 2016


I am big thinker with a passion for creating brilliant ideas and transforming them into smart, innovative and well designed experiences

Areas of focus

Digital strategy
Product strategy
Digital marketing
User experience design
User research
Interaction design
Prototyping and testing
Coversion optimisation
Technology & capability


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